Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet. Experts recommend that we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. At the moment only one in three of us eats our five-a-day. In June 2012 we signed up to the Responsibility Deal Pledge to promote eating of fresh fruit and vegetables, and to improve the consistency of the way the five-a-day logo is used on advertising and marketing materials and on the front of packaging.

We’ve always recognised the importance of fresh fruit and veg. Our Super 6 campaign has been promoting affordable fresh produce since 2006 – significantly ahead of any other retailer commitments on healthy promotions. We strongly promoted our Super 6 fruit and vegetables through our UK and Irish national TV advertising, weekly leaflet and official social media channels, including a dedicated Super 6 app on Facebook in the UK. Starting in 2012, we work with Change4Life to advertise healthy recipes on Facebook and on our website as part of the UK Government’s ‘Be Food Smart’ campaign to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Over the past year we’ve introduced several new lines to our Super 6 offer, like limes, mixed chillies, asparagus, persimmon and mange tout. This lets customers enjoy the Super 6 price and health benefits across a wider range of products.